What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Humans have always been scientists. For millennia we have used trial and error to create, tweak, and improve everything from physics to medicine. These ancient scientific systems formed the basis of our traditions and these traditions that have survived this long have done so because they work.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is no different. 5000 years of trial and error produced a rich medicine ideal for preventative care. It includes many modalities including herbalism, acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, breathing techniques and so much more.

I use Traditional Chinese Medicine and the framework of seasonal change to help birthing people and their families move through the seasons of life.

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Sunday Round-Up 5: Winter is here

November is upon us and the first snows have fallen! I am currently sitting here this Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and my favorite sweater and fleece lined leggings (and a bit of French silk pie because I am an awful example for healthy breakfasts). This week breastfeeding became legal in all 50 states which is a huge, if incredibly delayed) win! Check out this and other things I found on the wide and scary internet in this week’s Sunday round up!

The End of Harvest Season

One month ago, Reverie was a different clinic that it is now. I had a small, community acupuncture practice in the yoga studio of Health Foundations Birth Center in St Paul, Minnesota, where I treated patients twice a week. It was amazing. It still is (because community acupuncture treatments are continuing) but Reverie is getting bigger. One month ago, I decided to expand my practice to the Naturally Well space in White Bear Lake and that started a cascade of things that has kept me from regular updates. But now that things are settling down once again, I figured it was time for a recap.

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