What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Humans have always been scientists. For millennia we have used trial and error to create, tweak, and improve everything from physics to medicine. These ancient scientific systems formed the basis of our traditions and these traditions that have survived this long have done so because they work.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is no different. 5000 years of trial and error produced a rich medicine ideal for preventative care. It includes many modalities including herbalism, acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, breathing techniques and so much more.

I use Traditional Chinese Medicine and the framework of seasonal change to help birthing people and their families move through the seasons of life.

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The Rain Water Seasonal node: Fighting off the Damp

Despite the recent -35 F windchill, 2020 marches forward into the Rain Water seasonal node. Practically speaking, we Minnesotans are a long way off from literal rain water. But then, we’re also at a very different latitude than the Ancient Chinese sages who named the seasonal node thousands of years ago. But the different latitude doesn't mean that we escape the energetics of the next two weeks. The days are getting longer which means yang is getting stronger. The generative energy of spring is getting more obvious every day and if we wait until we see actual rain water, we’re going to miss out on a huge part of the season. The Rain Water seasonal node, like the Great Cold seasonal node, is about two very important things: protecting our qi and protecting our yang. But this time, we’re protecting these vital substances for a very different reason. Featured photo and cover photo by Sitthan Kutty via Pexels

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