What is community acupuncture?

Many people picture an acupuncture session as the following:

They undress if needed, they lay covered on a massage table in a darkened room with some soft, relaxing music and they take a nap while the needles do their work. This is what most private sessions look like.

Community acupuncture is similar. The session is fully clothed and a patient rests on a chair in a darkened room with soft, relaxing music and take a nap. The key difference is that the room is shared with others, typically in a large space like the Health Foundations yoga studio.

For a more detailed look into the differences between community and private acupuncture as well as other things to expect during your first appointment check out this blog post.


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Kid’s Kit – Holistic Medicine Cabinet

The Kid’s Care Chinese Medicine Cabinet Kit can help with common problems like: stomach upset, teething, colic, insomnia and fussiness. In clinic pick up only.

Family Care – Holistic Medicine Cabinet Kit

The Family Care Chinese Medicine Cabinet Kit can help with common problems like: colds and flu, stomach upset, teething, colic, bumps and bruises and achiness. Clinic pick up only.

Longevity Moxa Pole – Single

Longevity Moxa Poles have been processed to reduce the amount of smoke produced and can last for 2-4 moxa treatments each. This single stick is a great option for small treatments.

Ba Zhen Tang tincture (Far East Summit, 2 oz)

Ba Zhen Tang (8 Treasure Decoction) is a combination of two formulas which treat qi and blood deficiency.

Because of its effectiveness as a women’s health formula Ba Zhen Tang has come to be known as “Women’s Precious.”

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