What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Humans have always been scientists. For millennia we have used trial and error to create, tweak, and improve everything from physics to medicine. These ancient scientific systems formed the basis of our traditions and these traditions that have survived this long have done so because they work.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is no different. 5000 years of trial and error produced a rich medicine ideal for preventative care. It includes many modalities including herbalism, acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, breathing techniques and so much more.

I use Traditional Chinese Medicine and the framework of seasonal change to help birthing people and their families move through the seasons of life.


GROUNDED // Nourishing the Spleen and Stomach

This meditation is for the element of Earth.

Earth is about returning to your center. Where Water is about the foundation that sees us through our lives, Earth is the foundation that gets us from day to day. It’s home; it’s the place to which we can always …

DEPTH // Nourishing the Kidneys

This meditation is for the element of Water.

Water is yin. It is cool, nourishing, and dark. It is slow-moving almost to the point of stillness. It’s thick and heavy. It is consolidating and palpable.

The main organs of Water are our kidneys, so …

FLOW // Nourishing the Liver

This meditation is for the element of Wood.

Wood represents rising and growing yang. It’s upward movement, the sunrise, spring, generation, growth, and spread. It’s the air that rustles the leaves of the trees. And it’s ephemeral.

The main organ of Wood is our liver, so for this meditation, we are going to focus on the energy of Wood and our livers.

WARMTH // Nourishing the Heart

This meditation guide is for the element of Fire.  Fire represents expanding yang. It’s outward movement, the noonday sun, the summer solstice, growth, flourishing, and summer night bonfires with friends. It’s the hygge candles that warm our hearts at night. And it’s the metaphorical fire of …

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